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More Savings for you

At Comfort Union, we pride ourselves on offering prompt, professional service and industry-leading warranties. We continuously optimize our operations to focus on cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, making premium services more accessible and affordable. By using top-quality materials and parts, we ensure long-term reliability and performance.

Our pricing reflects this commitment to quality and dedication to service. Avoid the hidden costs of misdiagnosis and poor installation, common with “lower-cost” options, which often lead to future malfunctions and repairs. With our expert team, you save both time and money by avoiding these common issues. Choose Comfort Union for unmatched quality and service at competitive prices.

Why Choose Our Certified & Trained Technicians

Many customers face unexpected costs due to improper installations and misdiagnoses. This is why our team invests in regular manufacturer-sponsored courses, workshops, certifications, and webinars. Even with years of experience, we dedicate a significant portion of our time to continuous learning. As systems evolve, so do our skills, ensuring we deliver top-notch service and save you money in the long run. Trust our certified and trained technicians for reliable, expert solutions every time.

Superior Quality and Unmatched Warranties

Unlike others who might promote average brands for higher profit margins, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction above all. We select only the best products in the industry to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. If you’re on a budget, we provide clear, honest guidance on the best options available, transparently discussing all pros and cons. Our commitment to excellence means we never hide our observations. Additionally, we match or exceed competitors’ warranties because we stand firmly behind every product we install. Choose us for superior products and unmatched peace of mind.

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Our Fast & Friendly Pros will fix your Heating

Furnace Repair in Calgary

We approach every job with honesty and genuine empathy for our customers facing any heating, plumbing, furnace, hot water tank, air conditioning, or electrical issues. Our tech will conduct a thorough test and make sure you have a smooth operating system with optimal efficiency after we have your furnace installed or repair work done! Experience the courteous service when you choose Comfort Union, and we’re confident we’ll become your go-to home comfort contractor. We’re standing by to take your service calls at (403) 399 7903!

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Furnace Service in Calgary: Ensuring Comfort and Safety

At Comfort Union, our best advice is for you to call us as soon as you notice your gas furnace acting up. Your quick action will allow our skilled technicians to find the problem and fix it before disaster strikes. We’re experts with every make and model, including those we didn’t install. We’ll isolate the problem and share our diagnosis with you. No matter how simple or complex the repair is, we’ll get your approval before moving forward.


Available 24/7

Call us at any time


Licensed, Insured

We’re committed 100%


Honest Service

no high-pressure sales.

We Service All Brands and Model

We repair all furnace and air conditioner brands and models, including Carrier, York, Goodman, Rheem, Trane, Bosch, American Standard, Ruud, York, Amana, Heil, Bryant, Daikin, Coleman, Payne, Luxaire, Armstrong Air, and Napoleon


Transparent Pricing for Furnace Repair Costs

We understand that furnace problems can be a significant inconvenience. That’s why we offer transparent pricing for our repair services, tailored to the complexity and parts required. 

Our Level 1 Repairs start at $110 for basic maintenance like filter assembly cleaning, to $690 for smart thermostat replacement. Level 2 and Level 3 Repairs involve more intricate components such as igniters and fan controls, ranging from $280 to $660

These are just approximate and can vary based on furnace models and brands.

Minor Repairs

For basic repairs and upgrades like a flame sensor or rod and thermostat replacement.

Level 1 Repairs 
Capacitor Repair for Blower Motor$180 – $260
Filter Assembly Cleaning$110 – $190
Flame Sensor or Rod Replacement$180 – $260
Thermocouple Replacement$180 – $270
Basic Thermostat Replacement$170 – $240
Smart Thermostat Replacement$450 – $690

Common Repairs

For common replacements such as the igniter, pressure switch, limit switch usually cost between $280 and $390.

Level 2 Repairs 
Igniter Replacement$280 – $390
 Limit Switch Replacement$280 – $390
Pressure Switch Replacement$280 – $390
Level 3 Repairs 
Fan Limit Control Replacement$500 – $660

Major Repairs

Repairing and replacing major components like the heat exchanger can be more expensive, ranging from $1,600 to $2,800.
Level 4+ Repairs
Replacement of Blower Motor $790 – $990
Control Board Replacement $830 – $1,475
Gas Valve Replacement $860 – $990
Inducer Motor Replacement $770 – $1,482
Repair of Plugged Heat Exchanger (Warranty) $1,390 – $1,721

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

If you’re not familiar with some the warning signs that a gas furnace can send out when it needs a repair, read on! Your furnace might be saying “fix me” when:

  • There are lingering smells: It’s normal to smell fuel when you turn on your furnace for the first time each season. But it’s not normal when the smell of fuel hangs in the air for days or even hours. When that happens, you should turn off the furnace and call Comfort Union. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem.

  • Your gas furnace or heat pump is making weird noises. Some noises can be normal. But when your furnace is raising a ruckus, it’s telling you something is wrong. Our furnace technicians will have your system playing sweet music in no time.

  • It takes several tries to start your system: A system that sputters several times before starting may not be there for you when you need it most. This problem could be the result of a faulty thermostat or disconnected wiring.

  • The flame is yellow: Your pilot light should be blue. Any other color is a red flag and could mean your furnace has a ventilation problem.

  • Uneven Heating. If your thermostat is set properly, but your house isn’t warm enough, something is definitely wrong. Let us make it right

Repair when...

There are have minor electrical issue

The repair cost is less than 50% of the replacement cost

Frequency of repairs is less than 2 in the last 10 years

Your utility bills are slightly higher

Replace when...

Your system is more than 15 years

The repair cost is more than 50% of the replacement cost

Frequency of repairs is less than 2 in the last 10 years

Your utility bills are slightly higher

Your furnace or heat pump is making strange noises.

We Pack Our Vans to Fix Your Furnace in One Trip!

Like scouts, we believe in being prepared. That’s why we stock our service vehicles with the equipment and parts needed for most furnace maintenance or furnace replacement work. What does this mean for you? It means we can often complete your repair on the first trip and you can get on with your busy day! If we can’t complete the right furnace maintenance or repair in one trip, we schedule a follow-up appointment that’s convenient for you.

We also believe in treating your home as if it were our own. That means wearing booties, laying down drop cloths and tidying up when we’re finished. We’re proud and united in doing these simple but important things because we want to be your go-to professional HVAC company and service partner for years to come.

Want to avoid those unexpected furnace and air conditioners repairs in Calgary and nearby? We have the most efficient, sure-fire plan—regular furnace and air conditioning maintenance! This is one of the best investments you can make to keep your furnace or air conditioning and running in tip-top shape for many, many years. Plus, when you join Our Comfortable Future® Club, we’ll remind you when it’s time to schedule your furnace maintenance or air conditioner appointments and we’ll provide you with exclusive discounts and benefits.

Why Choose Comfort Union for Your Furnace Services?


Available 24/7

We prioritize your comfort, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Call us anytime!

Furnace Repair Calgary

Licensed, Insured

Our team is experienced in handling various furnace brands and models, ensuring professional and efficient service.

Comprehensive Range of Service

From furnace installations, repairs, and maintenance to air conditioning services.


Upfront Pricing

We provide transparent pricing for all our services, with no hidden costs.


Product and Labour Warranty

We stand behind our work, offering robust warranties for added peace of mind.


Same-Day Appointment

Immediate response to your problem or emergency service.

Comprehensive Furnace Maintenance for Calgary Homes

Regular furnace maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of your heating system. Our annual maintenance plans are designed to keep your furnace, air conditioner or AC units, and HVAC system in top condition, helping to save money on energy costs and avoid unexpected repairs. By regularly replacing your furnace filter and inspecting air ducts, our team ensures your home’s air quality remains high, free from pet dander and other allergens.

Call These Bears to Schedule Your Gas Furnace or Heat Pump Repair!

Ready to experience the best furnace services in Calgary? Contact Comfort Union at 403.399.7903 or use our convenient contact form. Whether you need a new furnace installation, routine tune ups, duct cleaning, or urgent emergency repair work, we are your best furnace service company standing by in Calgary, ensuring your home remains a warm and comfortable haven.

We Are Available 24/7

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Furnace Calgary Repair FAQs

Who Should I Call for Furnace Repair Services?

Contact a licensed gasfitter or HVAC technician for furnace repair services. Technicians trained specifically for different equipment brands are crucial for accurate diagnostics, saving you money and avoiding hassle. They possess the necessary expertise to handle each unique system efficiently.

What is the Average Cost of Furnace Repair in Calgary?

In Calgary, the average furnace repair cost ranges from $400 to $1,400. About 50% of repairs average around $600, while the other 50% lean towards a $900 average. The cost depends on parts, availability, and labour time. Choosing a professional company with readily available parts can prevent additional costs from poor workmanship.

How Can I Repair My Furnace Myself?

It is strongly advised not to attempt furnace repairs yourself unless you are a licensed gas or HVAC technician. Gas-fired equipment can be hazardous, and improper handling, especially if the heat exchanger is malfunctioning, could lead to dangerous situations like flame bursts. It’s best to leave such repairs to professionals. 

What are the Costs Involved in Emergency Furnace Repair?

Emergency furnace repairs typically cost about 30% more than standard repairs due to overtime charges for technicians and potential overnight fees for part procurement from the manufacturer in the city, ranging from $100 to $200.

How Do I Repair a Gas Furnace?

Repairing a gas furnace should always be left to professional, licensed technicians. It’s city bylaws and against manufacturer guidelines to attempt DIY repairs on gas furnaces due to the serious risks involved.

What Does Furnace Repair Entail?

Furnace repair involves diagnosing the system through a series of checks, and making sure all electrical connections, wiring, gas, and pressure levels are optimal and according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It also includes locating the necessary parts and evaluating replacement vs. repair options.

How Much Should I Budget for a Furnace Repair?

For newer, warranty-covered high-efficiency furnaces, budget between $400 and $900 during regular hours. For older furnaces, expect costs to be slightly higher, typically around $600 to $1,400. Some repairs can be extremely costly such as out-of-warranty heat exchangers, potentially reaching $2,100 to $2,800 including warranty and labour.

How to Repair a Furnace Heat Exchanger?

Attempting DIY repairs on a heat exchanger is not advisable due to the technical expertise required and the potential safety risks involved with gas-fired equipment. Professional technicians have the training, experience, and tools necessary to handle such repairs safely and in compliance with local regulations and manufacturer guidelines.

What Are Customers Saying?

Michael StuartMichael Stuart
23:54 11 Jul 24
Thanks for a great job. Good work
Md Zillur RahmanMd Zillur Rahman
00:07 06 Jul 24
My friend Muhamad Ayoob khan is very knowledgeable and professional person. He takes every job very seriously. He is capable and knows what he is doing. You can rely on him for your HVAC needs.
Batool RizviBatool Rizvi
06:24 01 Jul 24
Excellent service, very reasonable cost. Always recommended.
Shabeeb RizviShabeeb Rizvi
06:23 01 Jul 24
I recently had a Gree heat pump and Carrier furnace installation by Comfort Union, and I'm really happy with the results. The Gree heat pump is very quiet and the Carrier furnace works great.I highly recommend Comfort Union for HVAC work in Calgary. Their expertise and dedication are impressive. Good work!
jaweda zaidijaweda zaidi
00:44 01 Jul 24
Juan GuerreroJuan Guerrero
14:56 28 Jun 24
Great service, highly recommend Comfort Union for HVAC repair and installation services in Calgary!
sreekumar cngrsreekumar cngr
19:41 22 Jun 24
Sidharth NarulaSidharth Narula
00:08 21 Jun 24
"5/5 stars! I'm highly impressed by the exceptional service I received from Comfort Union on a weekend! As a family of plumbers, engineers, and soldiers, they brought a unique combination of skills and discipline to the job, replacing my water heater tank with complete satisfaction and professionalism. Their expertise, efficiency, and courtesy were truly outstanding. I highly recommend Comfort Union for any plumbing needs. Thank you for a job exceptionally well done!"
Royal RockyRoyal Rocky
19:46 18 Jun 24
Great service!
Kenneth BKenneth B
22:25 10 Jun 24
Absolutely thrilled with Comfort Union! A friend recommended them, and it turned out to be an excellent suggestion. We were on the hunt for an efficient air conditioner with a higher SEER rating and a quiet unit, preferably with side discharge (smaller footprint). From the start, the team at Comfort Union was fantastic. They booked us for an estimate, walked us through our options, and recommended a GREE Flexx cold climate heat pump. The 20 SEER rating, 55 dB noise level, and variable speed compressor made the GREEE heat pump a smart investment over an air conditioner.Installation was a breeze—they completed everything in just one day. The crew was incredibly professional, and they also installed an Ecobee smart thermostat, which required fishing wires up to the second floor. They took the time to educate us about the system and ensure everything was running smoothly.I'm extremely satisfied with their work and highly recommend Comfort Union to anyone in need of HVAC services in Calgary!Kenneth
shameer khanshameer khan
03:54 06 Jun 24
This guys did all the services to my house I highly recommend them for all ur hvac plumbing ect and will definitely contact them again for anything else
Patrick FishleyPatrick Fishley
03:24 05 Jun 24
They were very quick to respond, diagnose and fix what was necessary. Darryl and Asif were very professional, courteous and efficient! I recommend these guys A+.
Emily AuEmily Au
21:32 02 Jun 24
We had Comfort Union install our air conditioner in late April. I really enjoyed working with them - members of the team were really responsive through text and email, and quick to address all my questions. They were always keen to help and gave me helpful tips on how to monitor my furnace for leaks.They're a wonderful father and sons team - I'd highly recommend giving them a call if you require HVAC or plumbing services.
Braeden RigbyBraeden Rigby
19:47 25 May 24
Comfort Union should be your first choice for all your HVAC needs. Amazing family run business with a people first approach that is difficult to find. Highly recommended for anyone that values quality work !
premnath parthibanpremnath parthiban
14:52 23 May 24
I spent almost one year to find the best HVaC replacement company and finally landed with Comfort union .I initially thought it was a small job but then realized the magnitude of work and effort it goes into it ..Asif initially came to my house , explained to me everything in detail including what is code of guidelines expected by city of Calgary , that showed his knowledge on the whole process ..Then came his brother Moore for installation - you will never find such a wonderful person who knows in and out of the HVAC and moreover the most patient person I have ever seen .. he did the whole installation with absolute craftsmanship and love for the work he did .. the best part was his perfectness and every work he did was so perfect and tidy !Finally, came Khan ji - to do the final inspection to add perfectness over the perfectness carried by Moore .. He did inspection and made sure everything was 200% correct ..Overall , I would recommend comfort union over any other service provider …Replaced my furnace , water tank and my humidifier …
JJ YanJJ Yan
02:22 22 May 24
Muhamad and Darryl did an excellent job on installation of our new Bradford White 75 gallon water heater. Extremely professional and hard working. They not only just did the work, but also explained the procedure thoroughly and maintenance focus points. Kept the work place tidy and in order. Highly recommended to everyone. JJ
mr2008 2.0mr2008 2.0
04:08 12 May 24
excellent carrier furnace and air conditioner installation, highly recommend to others
20:52 06 May 24
It was great to see a father and son team work so professionally in the delivery and installation of our new Bradford White water heater. Thanks team for a wonderful job.
Arman GillArman Gill
03:21 30 Apr 24
Friendly staff and did amazing work with carrier hvac
Inderpal SinghInderpal Singh
02:59 30 Apr 24
Amazing work. Good work on AC installation. Competive rates
Fast response due to the urgent occasions. The team is very experienced. Highly recommended!
Tushar AroraTushar Arora
23:04 06 Apr 24
Comfort union offers top notch furnace and hot water tank replacement services - contact the best furnace company in Calgary for all your needs. Highly recommended!!
Dipendra SitaulaDipendra Sitaula
18:28 02 Apr 24
Great and reliable service.
sunny Maharjansunny Maharjan
10:11 01 Apr 24
Best reasonable and quick in their response.
E TanE Tan
01:45 31 Mar 24
I recently hired Comfort Union to install a new hot water tank in my home, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. They went above and beyond to ensure that the installation process was smooth and hassle-free from start to finish.Daryl's expertise and professionalism were evident from the moment he arrived at my home. He took the time to assess the layout of the space and discuss the best options for the installation, providing valuable insights and recommendations along the way. His attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship were truly commendable.Throughout the installation process, Daryl and Mo worked efficiently and diligently, ensuring that everything was installed correctly and functioning optimally. They were respectful of my home, taking care to clean up any messes and leaving the work area spotless once the job was complete.I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the entire team at Comfort Union for their outstanding service. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, I now have a reliable water heater that meets my needs perfectly. I would highly recommend Comfort Union to anyone in need of plumbing services – their professionalism and quality workmanship truly set them apart.
Ayaan DawoodAyaan Dawood
06:38 10 Mar 24
Imran Ahmed KhanImran Ahmed Khan
06:04 10 Mar 24
Maggie VaccaroMaggie Vaccaro
21:26 05 Mar 24
Quick response for appt. Came over and got all work done.Will call them again and will recommend them to others. Thanks!
Ashirul PatelAshirul Patel
22:57 26 Feb 24
We had great experience. They work out an efficient way to solve our furnace issues while maintaining the minimum cost.
Rakesh SachdevaRakesh Sachdeva
04:44 10 Feb 24
Muhammad is very professional and very cooperative. He has completed the work as explained. Everything was completed on same day we had issue. Very responsive.
Kly ClackKly Clack
22:28 08 Feb 24
Team at comfort union made me feel very comfortable about my purchases explained everything clearly and concisely so I could be confident in my decisions I would recommend them to anyone who asks.
Bhattarai AnuragBhattarai Anurag
02:33 07 Feb 24
Good service 👍🏽
Matt MelliesMatt Mellies
21:21 22 Jan 24
I had an issue with my furnace, went to reset my main breaker to power cycle trying to troubleshoot it... Breaker crapped out so I was sitting on an electrical, and furnace problem.Gave these guys a call and they were able to come out within 2 hours. Required a full main breaker replacement, and new gas valve on my furnace. They diagnosed it in only a couple hours, and fixed everything the same day.Had a great experience, the technicians that showed up were professional, and very knowledgeable. I'll definitely be using these guys when I eventually have replace my aging furnace.
Sharif ZayedSharif Zayed
00:15 22 Jan 24
Khan was so kind and considerate to help me during the -45 C calgary weather. We decided to replace our old furnace with newer and advance features choosing Carrier Furnace. We received the quote from Comfort Union which was competitively priced and the job was completed next day. Thanks.
Syed Zaigham RizviSyed Zaigham Rizvi
05:29 18 Jan 24
Had a bit of a crisis with rental property heating system in Calgary, our Goodman furnace gave out and had countless furnace repairs over the years. They got a new Carrier furnace installed quickly and very competitively priced compared to other carrier dealers. Wasn't expecting such quick service in the cold months. Definite recommend!
Mohammed SiddiqiMohammed Siddiqi
00:23 06 Jan 24
Absolutely stellar service from this HVAC company! The team was prompt, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. They swiftly diagnosed and fixed our heating issue with precision. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction truly set them apart. A 5-star experience – our go-to HVAC experts!
Agit KokuAgit Koku
21:40 13 Apr 23
I recently had Comfort Union come to my home to fix an issue with my hot water tank's pilot issue. Not only did the technician promptly fix the issue, but they also took the time to clean out my drain as a courtesy. I was impressed by their attention to detail and their commitment to providing excellent customer service.I would highly recommend Comfort Union for anyone in need of plumbing services.

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