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New Air Conditioning System Are Engineered to Last & Last

At Comfort Union, one of our most important promises to you is that we will never try to talk you into a costlier AC replacement when a more affordable AC repair will do. However, there comes a time for every air conditioner system when the smartest, most affordable decision is to replace it. And we will provide you with our honest opinion when your AC system should be replaced.

Maybe your air conditioner or your air conditioning system including the furnace, is so old that it’s costing you an arm and a leg to constantly repair it. Or maybe it has finally burned out for the very last time. Whatever the reason, you are in the very best hands with the team of skilled professionals at Comfort Union. You can trust our experts to walk you through the right air conditioning system replacement and installation process.


Here are some of the common warning signs indicating you need a new ac system:

  • Your system is 10 years old or older.
  • Your energy bills have climbed without any logical explanation.
  • Your thermostat is set properly, but your system isn’t delivering the level of cool comfort you want.
  • There are pockets of cold and warm air throughout your home.
  • Your system uses outdated refrigerant.

Best Air Conditioner Installation Team in Calgary

Count on Comfort Union for the Perfect Air Conditioner Fit!

We’re going to share an insider’s secret with you: Some contractors will assume the AC system they are replacing in your home was the right size. Not us! We’ll take measurements and collect other important information about your home and your comfort and cooling needs, to make sure your new AC system is the ideal fit. Unlike many other contractors out there, members of our leadership team have engineering backgrounds along with journeyman ticket, which we use to make this part of the ac installation process even more perfect and precise. This is just one of the things that makes us unique and the team to choose.

Comfortable Future® Guarantees

Our Promises to You!

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100% Satisfaction.

If you’re not happy, we will make it right—period.

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Top Warranty Protection.

We offer the best warranties because that’s what’s best for you.

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No High-Pressure Tactics.

We aren’t pushy and will never try to talk you into products and services you don’t need.

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Upfront Pricing

We never charge by the hour, always by the job.

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FREE Second Opinion.

Not sure you need a certain product or service? We’ll give you an honest answer—absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

Here’s why these bears don’t take the size of your existing system for granted:

  • Your contractor may have been mistaken when calculating the size of your existing system. (Don’t worry. This will never happen when you work with Comfort Union!)
  • Your existing system may have been just fine when it was installed. But you’ve renovated, built an addition or made other changes to your home that require a larger system.
  • Your family has expanded or shrunk, which can increase or decrease the demand on your system.

Choose from the Air Conditioners in the Calgary Market

Mighty Trane Air Conditioner: Experience high efficiency and unmatched durability and performance with the Mighty Trane Air Conditioner. Known for its high efficiency, robust build and advanced technology, Trane AC units promise high efficiency and exceptional cooling even during Calgary’s hottest days of summer, making them a top choice for homeowners seeking reliability and longevity.

Excellent Carrier Air Conditioner: Step into a world of superior comfort with the Excellent Carrier Air Conditioner. These units are renowned for their energy efficiency and innovative features, providing indoor air quality and optimal cooling while keeping your energy bills and costs low. Carrier air conditioners’s commitment to quality and their excellent customer service and satisfaction makes them an excellent air conditioners choice for Calgary’s diverse climate.

Reliable Lennox Air Conditioner: Choose the Reliable Lennox Air Conditioner for a perfect balance of indoor air quality, efficiency and budget. Lennox offers a range of air conditioning solutions that cater to varied needs, ensuring efficient air conditioner and comfortable indoor temperatures. Their reputation for affordability and energy-efficient designs makes Lennox air conditioners a smart choice for Calgary homeowners.

AC Install in Progress

Insist on a Properly Sized Air Conditioning System

Here’s something else that’s important for you to know: While some homeowners may think bigger is better, that’s not always true. A new air conditioning system, that is too large for your home will cycle on and off too much, create “hot spots” throughout your home and cause spikes in humidity levels. When this happens, your energy bills will climb but your comfort won’t necessarily improve. Frequent system cycling also means your new AC unit will work harder than it should, which can result in increased repairs and a shorter lifespan for your cooling system itself.

A system that’s too small is no better. It will work overtime trying to make your ac unit or heat pumps get hot air to reach your thermostat’s desired temperature and may not be able to achieve that goal. An overworked system also means lower energy bills, higher operating costs, repair and maintenance bills and an early retirement for professional technicians for your unit.

The trained and experienced service technicians from Comfort Union will help you find and install a system or service that’s the right size and budget for your home. Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll provide you with an expert air conditioning installation using our proven service procedures in our beautiful city of Calgary.

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Why Choose Us?

For starters, we will show up on time with a fully stocked service van, eager to resolve your heating, cooling, plumbing or electrical problem.

During our time in your home, we’ll treat you and your property with the courtesy and respect you deserve. We’ll wear booties and lay down drop cloths to eliminate messes. We’ll take the time to explain how your system works and answer all of your questions. We’ll also clean up after ourselves when we’re done. As a result, once we’re gone, you won’t even know we’ve been there except for your improved comfort, of course!

At Comfort Union, we understand that many families struggle with budget challenges. That’s why we offer coupons whenever we can as well as great financing options for those who qualify. Our team is committed to going the extra mile for every customer, every time. To prove it, we’ve put our guarantees in writing. Check them out! Comfortable Future® Guarantees Our Promises to You!

  • Greater comfort: Every inch of your home will be consistently cool with your new, more efficient AC system. Newer systems also tend to be much quieter. How cool is that?

  • Improved energy efficiency: Today’s models are much more efficient than those made just 10 years ago. Starting in 2023, your system’s efficiency is measured using SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2) ratings, which is an upgrade from SEER. We can help you determine the SEER2 rating that’s best for your home.

  • Lower energy costs: Higher efficiency means lower energy bills. Who doesn’t love spending less money?

Frequently Ask Questions

1. How much does it cost to install an air conditioner in Calgary?

In Calgary, installing new AC units can cost anywhere between $5000 and $8700 per unit.

2. What size air conditioner do I need for 2000 sq ft house in Alberta?

In general, a house requires air conditioners with a minimum of 25 BTU per ft of floorspace to efficiently cool. This is a rough estimate, but always the best option for determining the correct size of the air conditioner installed.

3. How much does AC can cost in Alberta?

Air conditioner installation costs range from $5000 – $12,000, with an average of around $7500. The cost of your AC and installation may vary on key factors from your house size to how much room you need to keep the air cool as well as the SEER rating and Brand. How much insulation you have in your home.

4. Why is my AC running but not cooling?

When your cooling system has cooled your the air conditioner installations or conditioning installation but it doesn’t reduce temperature in the room, the problem could be a blockage of the condenser cooling capacity. When the condenser coils operating your new air conditioner installation or conditioning installation are correctly the air conditioner or condenser fan pulls air into the outdoor unit by removing heat from indoor air quality a duct.

5. Is it worth repairing an AC unit?

The average cost of maintenance and repair for aging of HVAC systems, furnace, and equipment may not exceed 50 percent of the replacement cost. Having inspected and maintained a system for at least 10 or 12 years may help save the system a lot of money.

6. Is it better to repair or replace an AC unit?

New equipment can replace deteriorated HVAC units with a much more energy-efficient and less maintenance and reliable system. Repairs and regular maintenance cost less than replacements with high energy-efficiency part.

7. How much does it cost to install central air conditioning in Calgary?

In Calgary, the average cost of installing new air conditioner systems is about $5600 to $8700. A higher quality AC unit is more energy efficient and quieter to operate. Pricing varies by model, size and installation.

8. Is Central AC worth it?

Compared with central and air conditioning systems, an air conditioning installation using central air conditioners is remarkably efficient, quiet and most importantly comfortable. Properly sized central air conditioners and installed split systems can keep a living space or an entire residence warm at the hottest temperatures much more easily than a battalion of window AC or portable air conditioners.

9. Is central air conditioning a good investment?

Even if you don’t get 100% returns, you can get around 20%- 30% back after you sell your house. They are more energy efficient than running portable air conditioners or wall air conditioners.

10. Do you need a permit for AC installation in Calgary?

Please note: Electrical permits are necessary for the installation of air conditioning units in the City of Calgary which in itself cost $350-$550.

11. How much does it cost to install AC in house in Calgary?

In Calgary, the typical cost of replacing a cooling system is $5600 to $8700. The cheapest units offer less efficiency and more noise during use. Actual prices depend on model size and installation.

12. What percentage of homes in Calgary have air conditioning?

Almost two quarters of Calgary’s household population has an AC unit. In the summer of 2017, almost half a quarter were equipped with cooling.

We’ll Can’t Wait to Improve Your Cave’s Comfort!

When you need an AC replacement or central air conditioning system installation in Calgary or nearby, we’re the team that’s here for you. Just remember: There’s comfort in togetherness. And together, we can make your home the cool, cozy central air conditioning system and cave of your dreams. Call us at 403.399.7903 or use our convenient contact form to reach us.

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