How Much Does a New Furnace Cost – Edmonton

If you live in Edmonton and don’t already have a perfectly functioning furnace for your home, it’s time for an upgrade! With the advancements in time, there also has been a significant rise in the number of options and technologies to choose from when selecting a furnace for your residential or commercial space.

Furnace Gas Valve: What is it and how to identify and resolve issues?

The gas valve is an essential component of your gas furnace and plays a key function in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. In response to commands from the thermostat, this valve controls the flow of gas from the pipeline to the burner in the furnace.

How Long Does an HVAC Blower Motor Last?

In order to keep buildings and houses comfortable, HVAC systems are crucial, particularly in times of severe cold weather. These systems rely on blower motors to make sure that the air is circulated evenly throughout the room. To keep your HVAC system running efficiently and reliably, it is crucial to know how long HVAC blower motors last, how they work, what factors affect their lifespan, and when to repair or replace them.

What is a Furnace Inducer Motor? Is it really important?

At the heart of a furnace’s operation lies a crucial yet often overlooked component known as the furnace inducer motor. This motor is instrumental in managing the combustion process efficiently and safely. But what exactly is this motor?