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It All Began With a Strong Bond

Between a Father & a Son

Comfort Union is a family-owned company that offers exceptional residential and commercial heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical services to customers in the Calgary area. 

The name pays tribute to the father-and-son duo of Ayoob and Asif. Ayoob has decades of experience in the trades and is a professional engineer who is Red Seal-certified. He started his career in the heating and cooling industry as an HVAC engineer in 1995. He also spent 20-plus years in gasfitting, pipe fitting and sheet metal fabrication. 

He taught his three boys how to weld pipes, use saw machines, solve calculus problems and, best of all, build sandcastles. As a result, all three sons decided at a young age to follow in their father’s footsteps. They studied engineering and also became apprentices in the trades. Because they watched their father when they were younger, the three boys learned the ins and outs of the heating, cooling and electrical businesses—noble trades passed down from father to sons. 

Ayoob left a career in the oil and gas industry to build this brand with his oldest son, Asif. His two younger sons are also part of the Comfort Union team. Working with his three sons has helped Ayoob feel young, energized and eager to discover what every day brings.

Ayoob and Asif wanted to create a company that is about bringing people together, sharing a vision of pursuing opportunities, serving others and showing empathy—all while making life more comfortable along the way. This philosophy is the foundation of Comfort Union.

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For this family, the trades are far more than a career. This line of work is in their blood. Today, the father and sons are honouring the family-driven service with a caring and customer-focused experience. Along with their team of elite technicians and customer service representatives, the members of the Ayoob family look forward to preserving customers’ comfort and helping everyone lead happier, healthier lives.

 Comfort Union’s goal is not to win customers over once. It is to win them over for life by providing trusted service time and time again.

Welcome to the Comfortable Future® Family!



Ayoob’s youngest son, Arslan, is the quiet force driving the Comfort Union family forward. At just 22, he has already dedicated five years to military service, he has completed an internship with General Dynamics Mission Systems. Arslan enjoys supporting his brothers and father, offering strategic advice and helping set goals. He’s looking forward to joining Comfort Union full-time after completing his Electrical Engineering education at the University of Calgary. 

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