How to Reset Goodman Furnace?

Modern furnaces incorporate extensive monitoring of both combustion processes and safety conditions. If a furnace fails to initiate the ignition process or detects a potential safety hazard, it may automatically enter a “lockout mode” to prevent damage or unsafe operation. For assistance in such scenarios, reaching out to an HVAC service in Calgary or a goodman furnace repair company could be beneficial.

What is Furnace Lockout Mode?

Furnaces are equipped with sensors to monitor various operational aspects, including natural gas pressure, igniter functionality, ventilation, and blower activity. goodman furnaceShould these sensors detect any unsafe conditions, the furnace will shift to lockout mode as a precautionary measure. This occurs after several unsuccessful attempts to complete the ignition cycle. Once in lockout mode, the furnace will cease operation until it is manually reset.

Furnace Lockout Reset Process:

While the specific reset process can vary among manufacturers, the general procedure involves powering down the furnace for at least thirty seconds, though a longer interval is preferable. Restoring power after this pause can help clear any errors and allow the furnace to resume normal operation.

Goodman furnace

Different furnace models and manufacturers may have unique reset protocols. For instance, some units can be reset by lowering the thermostat’s heat setting for a brief period, while others may automatically reset after an hour or two. Always consult the manufacturer’s instruction manual for the correct reset procedure for your specific furnace model.

Resetting a Goodman Furnace:

BUTTON POSITION: On Goodman furnaces, the reset button is located within the burner assembly, identifiable by a raised red button.

Steps To Reset:

Follow these steps to reset your Goodman furnace:

Step 1: Locate and switch the circuit breaker corresponding to the Goodman furnace to the “OFF” position, cutting off the unit’s power supply.

Step 2: Remove the furnace’s access panel to expose the interior components. This usually involves lifting the panel by its sides to disengage the bottom retaining tab. Some models may require unscrewing a side panel.

Step 3: Identify the rollout switch on the burner assembly, marked by a red button positioned centrally on the unit.

Step 4: Press and hold the rollout switch button for a couple of seconds before releasing it. This action should reset the furnace.

If your Goodman furnace continues to experience issues after attempting a reset, it may be advisable to consult a professional furnace contractor like Comfort Union in Calgary. If this is during an extreme winter season or heating emergency, contact a professional immediately to protect the piping system and occupants. 

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