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Why choose an NTI Boiler for your home in Calgary?

In the brisk, often unforgiving climate of Calgary, the importance of a reliably functioning boiler system cannot be overstated. Boilers, which are extremely important in providing warmth and comfort to homes and businesses alike, must operate efficiently to withstand the harsh Canadian winters.

A well-maintained boiler ensures not only temperature regulation and efficient energy use but also the safety and longevity of the system itself. In this article, we’re looking at NTI Boilers, their most well-known products, and common faults that may occur in your boilers.

NTI Boilers & their Legacy

  • In the heating industry, the unmatched quality and dedicated service of NTI have made it a trusted symbol. NTI Boilers makes exceptionally efficient gas boilers, water heaters, and combi furnaces with a relentless focus on innovation since the company’s inception in 1967.
  • Owing to their relentless pursuit of excellence, the engineers at NTI have created heating systems that completely change the game in terms of dependability and efficiency. Following stringent industry standards and utilizing state-of-the-art design and testing techniques, NTI guarantees that its products are of the greatest quality.

Top NTI Boilers that are Engineered for Canadian Climates

In the wide-ranging and often severe weather conditions across Canada, the decision to select an appropriate boiler for your residence is critical for ensuring consistent warmth, comfort, and energy savings. NTI boilers distinguish themselves with their advanced engineering and robust construction, making them an exceptional option for Canadians.

The standout collections within their extensive range, such as the TFTN Series, FTVN Series, and Compass Series, are especially recognized for their adaptability and efficiency in both residential and commercial environments.

The TFTN Series is at the forefront of boiler technology, setting an example by offering capacities from 85 MBH to an expansive 850 MBH for commercial purposes. This lineup is notable for its built-in WiFi and touchscreen interface, which simplifies boiler management and enhances user interaction.

Features such as the EZ Setup Wizard, along with capabilities for remote monitoring and diagnostics, streamline the installation and upkeep processes, ensuring optimal performance. Notable models include:

  • TFTN085 to TFTN199: Suited for residential usage, these models boast up to 96% thermal efficiency, serving a wide range of household sizes with varied heating capabilities.

  • TFTN285 to TFTN850: Crafted for broader spaces and commercial applications, these units offer supreme heating outputs, reaching up to 825 MBH, with efficiencies peaking at 98%.

The FTVN Series stands out for individuals in search of a top-tier, wall-mounted boiler. Employing a robust, vertical down-fired stainless heat exchanger, this series achieves as much as 96% AFUE.

Equipped with features like 10:1 modulation, an integrated ECM pump, and a DHW diverter, in addition to WIFI connectivity for straightforward monitoring and alerts, the FTVN Series delivers an efficient and hassle-free heating experience. Its lineup, from FTVN085 to FTVN199C, meets both space heating and domestic hot water requirements, presenting a versatile option for contemporary living spaces.

The Compass Series underscores NTI’s dedication to cutting-edge technology, providing both Combi and System variants with a chromium stainless steel vertical down-fired exchanger. Not only do these boilers perform efficiently with a 96% AFUE rating, but they are also designed for ease of use, featuring 10:1 modulation, an integrated ECM pump, and a DHW diverter for superior operation.

With the added benefit of WIFI connectivity for remote oversight and alerts, the Compass Series ensures smooth and effective boiler functionality. Available in models from NC085 to NC199C, it supports a broad spectrum of heating demands.

No Hot Water from Your Boiler? Common Causes & How To Fix It

When your boiler breaks down, particularly in the winter, it’s not simply an annoyance; it may ruin your cozy routine and comfort. Understanding what is happening with your boiler can be the first step to getting back to normalcy as soon as possible:-

Professional Boiler Repair ServicesA common problem that can affect the efficiency of your boiler is inadequate pressure. The correct distribution of water throughout your heating system relies on the pressure within your boiler. You could get chilly if the boiler stops working properly because the pressure dropped too low. Looking at the pressure gauge on the boiler will usually reveal this issue.

Repressurizing the system as directed by the manufacturer should swiftly resolve the problem if it falls below the appropriate level. It's also a good idea to look for system leaks since they are a typical source of pressure loss.

If your device is heating but not very efficiently, it could be caused by a faulty thermostat. The boiler might not turn on due to inaccurate temperature readings brought on by this issue. Either resetting or testing your thermostat can reveal whether it is operating correctly. If your boiler's thermostat isn't working properly, replacing it will restore its efficiency and responsiveness to your heating demands.

The diverter valve is essential for sending hot water to the heating system or the faucets, depending on the area that needs it the most. If this valve stops working, the hot water won't get to your radiators or faucets properly, or worse, it won't get delivered at all, making their connections unhelpful.

Looking for telltale symptoms of valve failure is an important first step in diagnosing this problem. To get your boiler working again and restore your home's comfort and usefulness, replacing a broken diverter valve is an important step.


Once you’ve decided on the perfect NTI Boiler to buy, the next step is getting it installed by the most experienced HVAC technicians in Calgary. Additionally, if you’re having Boiler-related problems, getting the fault checked by a market expert will be highly beneficial for your system in the long run.

In such cases, Comfort Union can be your helping hand, helping you determine the best possible solution for your heating, air conditioning, firing, oil furnaces, or other devices. Being a frontrunner in the Calgary HVAC industry, they realize the importance of trustworthy heating solutions.

So, for those seeking an “NTI boiler repair in Calgary,” look no further than Comfort Union for professional, reliable service tailored to the unique climate and requirements of Calgary homes. Contact us for a custom quote or to find out the top information in the industry!

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