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Everything You Need to Know About Humidifiers in Calgary

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Living in Calgary comes with its own set of challenges, and the dry climate is certainly one of them. Humidifiers play a crucial role in maintaining optimal indoor air quality and comfort in Calgary’s arid environment. Calgary’s dry winters and warm air make maintaining indoor humidity levels a challenge but essential for comfort and health. The use of whole-home humidifiers, for example, flow through humidifier or steam humidifier, in Calgary offers numerous benefits, from improving health to protecting home furnishings. 

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about humidifiers in Calgary, including their types, benefits, installation and maintenance tips, and safety precautions.

Understanding Calgary's Climate

Calgary’s climate is characterized by low humidity levels, especially during the winter months. This dry air can have various adverse effects on health and comfort, including dry skin, irritated respiratory passages, and increased susceptibility to respiratory infections. Humidifiers help counteract these effects by adding moisture to the indoor air, creating a more comfortable and healthier environment for residents.

Types of Humidifiers

There are several types of humidifiers available, each with its own set of features and benefits. In Calgary’s climate, some of the most commonly recommended types include flow-through, fan-powered, and steam humidifiers. Each has its own set of advantages and can help keep your home at the ideal level of humidity with minimal upkeep.

Here are some of the best humidifiers:

GeneralAire humidifiers are designed to improve indoor comfort and maintain proper humidity levels for a healthy environment within your home. Offering a range of whole-house humidifiers, GeneralAire focuses on providing solutions that fit the specific needs of your living space, ensuring optimal humidity levels between 40% and 60%. This not only enhances comfort but can also save money by making lower temperatures feel warmer, thus reducing heating bills.

GeneralAire offers several types of whole-house humidifiers, including steam, evaporative bypass, and fan-powered evaporative models. Each type has its unique benefits and features designed to integrate seamlessly with your home’s HVAC system, improving health and comfort across the entire square footage of your home.

The GeneralAire® Model 5500 steam humidifier is an electrode-style unit that generates clean, sterile steam. Ideal for larger homes up to 5,500 square feet, this model is designed for easy maintenance, including yearly replacement of the cylinder to ensure optimal performance. It's known for its efficiency and the ability to maintain desired heat and humidity levels effectively

These humidifiers create humidity by passing hot air from your furnace through a water-soaked Vapor Pad®, evaporating the water to provide humidity throughout your home. They are available in models suitable for homes up to 4,200 square feet, offering protection for woodwork, musical instruments, and wooden artwork. The design prioritizes low maintenance, optimal moisture output, and auto shutoff, and includes a humidistat for easy control.

Fan-assist humidifiers operate similarly to evaporative models but include a fan to pull heated air from the furnace through the Vapor Pad®, enhancing the evaporative process. These models are suitable for homes up to 3,000 square feet and feature UV-stable automotive-grade plastic, patented, water vapor distribution systems for maximum performance, shut-off dampers, and stainless steel distributor tubes.


GeneralAire, established in Detroit in 1937, has a long history of providing high-quality indoor air products. Initially focusing on after-market car filters, the company expanded into indoor air quality products in the early 1950s, including whole-house humidifiers to address the growing need for improved indoor air quality in residential homes.

Whether you’re looking to alleviate dry skin, protect your home’s woodwork, improve humidity levels, or reduce asthma and allergy triggers, GeneralAire has a whole-house humidifier solution to meet your needs. With professional installation, these systems offer a dependable and efficient way to enhance the air quality and comfort of your home.

For more detailed information on GeneralAire humidifiers and to find the best fit for your home, visit their official websites or consult with us!

AprilAire humidifiers are renowned for their efficiency in providing optimal humidity levels for whole-house coverage, enhancing both health and comfort within homes. Their range includes models designed for various house sizes and humidity needs, from evaporative to steam humidifiers, ensuring there’s a solution for every home.

The AprilAire 600 model is an automatic high-output furnace humidifier designed to deliver the perfect amount of moisture to your home, thus minimizing the ill effects of dry air. This model covers up to 4,000 square feet in tightly built homes and has a capacity of 17 gallons per day. It features automatic control with dual sensors that monitor and respond to both outdoor temperature and indoor relative humidity, offering 24/7 optimum humidity levels with a set-it-and-forget-it approach. The digital control panel indicates humidity levels, operation status, and maintenance reminders.

The AprilAire 700 is a fan-powered model providing even greater coverage up to 4,200 square feet with a capacity of 18 gallons per day. It incorporates a built-in fan that pulls heated air directly from the furnace, ensuring efficient humidity distribution throughout the home. Like the 600 model, it offers automatic humidity control, a convenient digital display for tracking humidity levels, and simple maintenance requirements. This model is particularly suited for larger homes needing higher humidity output.

For homes requiring the highest humidity output, the AprilAire 800 steam humidifier uses electrode technology to cover up to 10,000 square feet, offering customizable output from 11.5 to 34.6 gallons per day. This model is ideal for homes in arid climates or those with specific humidity needs for wood floors or humidity-sensitive furnishings. The steam humidifier does not require purified water for operation, as electrode technology relies on water impurities to conduct electricity, simplifying installation and maintenance.

AprilAire’s commitment to improving indoor air quality since 1954 has made it a leader in the industry, with innovations that provide efficient and effective solutions for maintaining healthy air in homes of all sizes. Each humidifier model is designed to address specific challenges related to air quality and humidity, from preventing the spread of viruses and reducing allergy and asthma symptoms to preserving the integrity of wood furnishings and improving overall comfort.

For more detailed information on specific models, installation instructions, and finding a professional installer, visit AprilAire’s official website or consult with us!

Choosing the Right Humidifier for Calgary

Selecting the right humidifier for your Calgary home involves considering various factors, including the size of the room, your desired humidity level, maintenance requirements, noise level, power consumption, and energy efficiency. It’s essential to choose a humidifier that can effectively humidify the space while being easy to maintain and operate in the right humidity for Calgary’s climate

Selecting the Appropriate Humidifier Type: Calgary homeowners have multiple options, from flow-through to steam humidifiers. Each type has its own benefits, with certain models being more suited to specific home sizes or heating systems. Professional consultation can help identify the best fit for your needs, ensuring efficient operation and optimal humidity control​​.

Installation and Integration: Proper installation is key to humidifier effectiveness. Advanced models can be integrated into existing HVAC systems, offering automated humidity control that adjusts to changing indoor and outdoor conditions. This seamless integration not only enhances comfort but also improves energy efficiency by maintaining the ideal humidity with minimal manual intervention​​.

Room Size and Unique Needs: The size of your home and the specific needs of your indoor environment play crucial roles in selecting the right humidifier. It's recommended to work with experienced technicians who can assess your home and recommend a humidifier that fits perfectly, ensuring optimal performance and comfort​​.

Preventing and Addressing Humidifier Leaks: High-quality installations use durable materials like braided stainless steel water supply lines and high-quality ball shut-off valves to prevent leaks. It's essential to choose reputable service providers who guarantee their work to avoid common installation pitfalls​​.

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Installation and Maintenance Tips

Proper installation and maintenance of humidifiers are crucial for their efficient operation and longevity. When installing a humidifier in your Calgary home, it’s essential to place it in an optimal location and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Regular cleaning and disinfection are also necessary to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria and ensure the delivery of clean, healthy moisture into the air.

  • DIY and Professional Humidifier Installation Calgary: You can install your whole-home humidifier in Calgary either by yourself or by hiring a contractor who can do it for you. If you’re unfamiliar with the job, it’s always recommended to go with professional technician help. Techs are trained in factors like identifying the home size, related costs, weather conditions, and desired features.

  • Selecting the right model: Choosing models that are easy to service and maintain can save time and costs in the long run​​​​.

  • Regular Cleaning and Servicing: To ensure your humidifier continues to operate efficiently, regular cleaning and servicing are essential. This is particularly important in Calgary, where hard water can lead to mineral buildup in the system. Annual check-ups and cleaning can prevent this, extending the life of your humidifier and maintaining its performance​​​​.

  • Replacing Filters and Pads: Humidifiers use various methods to introduce moisture into the air, and many require replacement filters or pads to ensure clean humidity output. Staying on top of these replacements is crucial for preventing bacteria and mold growth within the system, thereby ensuring the health benefits of the humidifier are not compromised​​.

Benefits of Using Humidifiers in Calgary

Using humidifiers in Calgary offers numerous benefits, including improved indoor air quality, enhanced comfort, relief from dry skin and respiratory issues, preservation of wood furniture and musical instruments. Additionally, maintaining proper humidity levels with a humidifier can contribute to energy efficiency by helping to maintain a more stable and comfortable temperature indoors.

Optimal Humidity Levels: Achieving and maintaining the ideal humidity level (between 30% and 50%) is crucial for your health and comfort. Too low humidity can exacerbate respiratory issues and skin dryness, while too high humidity can foster mold growth and increase allergen presence. The right humidifier setup helps balance this, improving overall indoor air quality and comfort​​​​.

Humidifiers and Health Benefits: Whole-home humidifiers contribute significantly to a healthier indoor environment by reducing the prevalence of viruses, and alleviating symptoms associated with dry air, such as sore throats and itchy skin, and even lowering the chances of respiratory infections​​.

Potential Drawbacks and Solutions

While humidifiers provide many benefits, improper usage can lead to potential drawbacks, such as the risk of mold and bacteria growth, dirty air-breathing, mineral buildup, and over-humidification. However, these risks can be mitigated through proper maintenance, regular cleaning, and monitoring of humidity and moisture levels throughout.

Humidifier Safety in Calgary

Ensuring the safety of your humidifier is essential to prevent accidents and potential hazards. Follow safety precautions provided by the manufacturer, such as using distilled water, replacing older humidifiers, keeping the unit out of reach of children and pets, and regularly inspecting the unit for any signs of damage or malfunction.

Practical Advice for Homeowners

  • Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: While the upfront cost of installing a whole-home humidifier might seem significant, the long-term benefits, including reduced heating bills and protection of home furnishings, often outweigh the initial investment. By making your home feel warmer at lower temperatures, a humidifier can lead to significant savings on energy costs during Calgary’s long winters​​​​.

  • Seek Professional Guidance: Given the complexities involved in choosing, installing, and maintaining a humidifier, seeking advice from HVAC professionals is invaluable. They can provide personalized recommendations based on the specifics of your home and lifestyle, ensuring you get a system that fits your needs perfectly​​.


Whole-home Humidifier Cost Insights

In Calgary, installing a whole-home humidifier can cost around $599 plus GST. This price often includes a comprehensive service package and installation by certified technicians, ensuring that the new humidifier both integrates seamlessly with your existing HVAC system and operates efficiently​​.

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Humidifier Calgary FAQs

Do you need a humidifier in Calgary?

When there’s hot air and a low relative humidity level at home, then the humidity can be an interesting problem. In a home where the humidity in moist air in your home is high, it is possible for the bacteria to develop. Dry skin, cracked skin.

Is it healthy to use a humidifier every night?

This is a minor change but using an air quality and humidity system at night could make a huge difference. It is beneficial to sleep better in cold weather and winter. Having cold air and relative humidity between 40 and 60% indoors is a very beneficial thing. December 11, 2020.

What are the disadvantages of a humidifier?

Humidifiers may potentially produce mineral and micro-organisms into the atmosphere. The substance is not harmful, but can cause asthmatic patients to feel uncomfortable. Try using the distillation instead of tap water for this problem. If hot water tanks your humidifier unit is stored for longer than ten minutes you must ensure that it will keep the moisture away.

How much does it cost to install a humidifier in Calgary?

Is ductwork advisable for humidifying rooms? In Calgary, we install new humidification unit units with an installation fee of $599 + GST. Take care not to install ill fitting systems!

Is a humidifier required in Calgary?

The house should have humidity of 33 to 47% within Calgary. Having a little above it means dry air. All over the heat this place and your health will worsen with mold growth, food deteriorating faster, and bacteria growing.

Do plumbers install humidifiers?

Often homeowners are able to install their own portable humidifiers for the home’s air well. The majority of humidifier installation only requires an HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical skills.

Can a plumber fix a humidifier?

Typical maintenance for humidifiers. Typically in the humidifier installation and repair the plumber is involved in the work process. Although this humidifier costs a relatively simple tool you will need a professional for both installation and replacement. Have trained technicians install these products. It would also be better if you stayed with a plumber.

What is the lifespan of a humidifier?

The average life of a new unit of a humidifier for homes is about 10 years.

What is the best brand of humidifier to buy?

How can one best the air conditioning quality to keep a cool indoor air temperature? We tested and added several more picks. We remain loyal to Levoit, Vornado, and Vent. It releases constant moisture through rooms and the best air quality of conditioning keeps you healthy and happy.

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