your furnace not blowing hot air

When winters start and the winds start getting colder, the last thing we all want is a furnace that doesn’t work like it should and keeps your home warm and comfortable. Several issues might be causing this problem, ranging from simple fixes to more serious repairs and we’re talking about them all.

This detailed article will take you through common causes and solutions behind your furnace not blowing hot air, ensuring your furnace runs smoothly and keeps your home warm.

Understanding Furnace Issues and How to Fix them

Thermostat Challenges

An essential part of any heating system, the thermostat is the central hub that tells the furnace when and how to run. If the heat isn’t coming out of your furnace, check the thermostat first. Your furnace’s efficiency may be affected by several issues that relate to the thermostat:

Some changes to the settings could be made accidentally that wouldn’t allow your furnace to produce heat. To make sure the fan is running, check that the thermostat is on “heat” and also set it to “auto”, The fan will only turn on while the heating is actively underway, due to this configuration. If set to “on,” the fan keeps going and might blow cold air when the room isn’t heating up.

Batteries are required for thermostats that are not wired into your home’s electrical system. Batteries that don’t work well or are completely dead can cause problems like cold air coming in or not starting the ignition process at all. Changing the batteries once a year or as needed is a good idea.

To get reliable temperature readings from your thermostat, make sure to place it in an area free of drafts, direct sunshine, and outside doors. False readings and insufficient heating activation can result from placement errors. Incorrect temperature readings can also be avoided by making sure your thermostat is calibrated correctly.

Thermostat performance could be compromised by frayed or loose wires. Having a professional take a look at the problem and maybe fix it by securing all connections and replacing broken wires is the norm for this type of issue.

As they age, thermostats may lose some of their efficiency. You may improve heating efficiency, reduce energy usage, and get more precise temperature control by switching to a new, smart, or programmable thermostat.

Air Flow Issues

For your furnace to work at its best, proper airflow is crucial. Your furnace could overheat or not blow hot air at all and start blowing cold air if the airflow is restricted:

A dirty air filter is one of the main reasons airflow is restricted. You should check the filters once a month, particularly during the busiest times of use, and change them every one to three months, depending on factors like the number of pets in your home or the amount of dust that gets inside to stop your gas furnace from blowing cold air.

Vents can become blocked by furniture or other objects from time to time, preventing the movement of warm air and leading to the heater blowing cold air. To keep air moving consistently throughout your home, make sure that all vents and registers have open routes.

The effectiveness of air circulation can be drastically reduced if the ducting is compromised in any way, be it by leaks, holes, or bad connections. The efficiency of your furnace and the amount of money you spend on energy bills are both negatively impacted by this. You can fix these problems by hiring an HVAC professional to insulate your ducts or seal them.

Air is circulated around your home and furnace by the blower fan. Lack of airflow could be the consequence of a malfunctioning fan or motor. You can make sure these parts work properly by inspecting them regularly.

Fuel Supply Concerns

You can’t rely on your furnace to heat your home without a reliable fuel source. Your furnace might not light if there are issues with the fuel supply:

The primary gas supply valve must be turned on for the gas to flow. While doing regular maintenance or other tasks around the house, this valve could be accidentally turned off. There may be an issue with the gas pressure or the supply line if your furnace starts up but doesn’t stay running. Resolving such challenges typically involves seeking professional evaluation and intervention.

Your furnace’s gas valve controls the amount of gas that can be supplied to the burner unit. In the event that this valve is not operational, the gas required to generate heat will not reach the furnace. When the pilot light stays lit but the furnace doesn’t get hot, it could be because of a faulty gas valve. Such problems usually necessitate the assistance of an expert.

Ignition and Pilot Light Failures

During the colder months, it can be quite uncomfortable when the furnace doesn’t start or when the pilot light goes out frequently. When the ignition and pilot light stops working, you could have the following issues:

These days, electronic ignition methods are increasingly common in gas furnaces compared to the older pilot lights. There are two main types of these systems: hot surface ignitions and intermittent pilots. When the furnace is in operation, an intermittent pilot light will ignite the gas using a little flame; a resistance element will start the combustion process with a hot surface igniter.

Furnace electrical problems, aging igniters, or faulty ignition controls can all cause problems with these systems. To catch these issues early and prevent ignition failure, routine inspections are crucial.

Issues with drafts, blocked gas orifices or broken thermocouples can lead to frequent extinguishments in older furnaces that employ continuous pilot lights. If the thermocouple does not detect a flame, it will turn off the gas supply as a safety measure. It could stop the natural gas flow and prevent ignition if it mistakenly thinks the pilot light is out. These problems can be reduced by maintaining a clean pilot area and checking that the thermocouple is working properly.

Begin troubleshooting ignition issues by verifying that the furnace is powered and the thermostat settings are correct. Make sure the heater is turned on and the thermostat is set correctly. Look for evident signs of wear and tear on any parts that are within reach. In some cases, resetting the furnace will solve problems with electronic ignitions. However, pros should handle persistent issues to prevent gas leaks and other dangers.

Heat Exchanger and Heating Elements

Critical for the furnace’s operation, the heat exchanger and heating elements require careful attention to ensure safety and efficiency:

The heat exchanger allows the combustion gases to be heated and then transferred to the duct-circulated air in the home. The component may eventually shatter or wear out from repeated heating and cooling cycles, which could lead to dangers including carbon monoxide leaks.

Be on the lookout for telltale signs like water gathering around the furnace as a result of condensation, odd odors (like formaldehyde), or visible rust or cracks. A qualified technician must inspect a cracked heat exchanger without delay.

In electric furnaces, the air that is circulated is heated directly by the heating elements. These elements can fail or lose efficiency due to buildup or aging. Ensuring these elements are regularly checked and replaced when necessary by a professional ensures safe and efficient operation.

Mechanical Wear and Tear

The lifespan and efficiency of a furnace are affected by the wear and tear of its mechanical components:

This component drives the fan that distributes air throughout the dwelling. Over time, the motor’s bearings can degrade, or the motor itself can fail, resulting in inefficient heating and increased energy usage. Indications of a failing furnace blower motor include unusual sounds, frequent on-off cycling, or ineffective air circulation.

Some older HVAC System designs utilize belt-driven motors. These belts can slacken or break, disrupting air distribution. Regular inspections and replacements can avert such disruptions. Similarly, bearing wear can cause noisy operation, signaling a need for lubrication or replacement.

Addressing these issues proactively through regular maintenance is crucial. This includes lubricating moving components, tightening electrical connections, and checking the condensate drain and pan for blockages. Such preventative measures not only prolong the furnace’s operational life but also enhance its safety and energy efficiency.

Ductwork and Ventilation Concerns

Effective ductwork is essential for your heating system to function correctly. Problems within the duct system can significantly impact your furnace’s capability to distribute warm air efficiently across your home.

Common issues such as gaps or holes in ductwork can cause heated air to escape before it reaches its destination. This not only results in inefficient heating and increased energy costs but also forces your furnace to work harder to maintain temperature, leading to potential overstrain. Using mastic sealant or metal tape to seal these leaks can greatly enhance system efficiency and reduce furnace workload.

In areas like attics or basements, ducts without adequate insulation can lose a lot of heat to the surrounding environment. This heat loss can cause the air to cool down by the time it arrives in your living areas, leading to your furnace outputting air that feels warm rather than hot. Wrapping these ducts with high-quality insulation material can help maintain the air temperature as it moves through the system, ensuring effective heating.

To prevent complications, it is crucial to maintain your ducts through regular professional inspections and cleanings. Ducts can accumulate dust and debris over time, obstructing airflow and reducing system efficiency. Clearing out your ducts can enhance both air quality and furnace performance.

Issues with Limit Switch and Control Board

The furnace’s limit switch and control board are integral for ensuring it operates safely and efficiently. Problems with these components can cause substantial heating issues, including a furnace that fails to emit hot air.

This switch prevents overheating by turning the furnace off when the air in the plenum gets too hot. If this switch malfunctions, it may shut off the furnace too early or fail to trigger at all, leading to overheating and potential damage. Testing and replacing a faulty limit switch are critical for restoring furnace functionality.

Serving as the furnace’s main unit, the control board directs electrical power to various furnace components. Defects in this board can disrupt the heating process, leading to symptoms like intermittent heating, failure to start, or the furnace not blowing air. Fixing these issues typically requires professional evaluation and replacement of the control board.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

If you want your furnace to last and work efficiently, you must maintain it frequently. This requires some standard procedures:

  • Expert Inspections Once a Year: Before the heating season starts, it is preferable to have a licensed HVAC technician inspect your furnace. Problems like as airflow inefficiencies, electrical faults, mechanical part wear and tear, and intake or exhaust obstructions can be detected by these reviews.

  • Routine Component Cleaning: To avoid a lot of typical furnace issues, it’s a good idea to clean the blower fan, the dirty flame sensor, the pilot light, and the ignition system regularly. When dust and debris build-up, it can make these parts work less efficiently or even break, which could result in costly repairs.

  • Replacing Worn Components: To prevent unanticipated failures during peak demand times, it is recommended to replace worn or almost worn components (such as belts, bearings, and filters) during normal maintenance.

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Comfort Union should be your first choice for all your HVAC needs. Amazing family run business with a people first approach that is difficult to find. Highly recommended for anyone that values quality work !
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I spent almost one year to find the best HVaC replacement company and finally landed with Comfort union .I initially thought it was a small job but then realized the magnitude of work and effort it goes into it ..Asif initially came to my house , explained to me everything in detail including what is code of guidelines expected by city of Calgary , that showed his knowledge on the whole process ..Then came his brother Moore for installation - you will never find such a wonderful person who knows in and out of the HVAC and moreover the most patient person I have ever seen .. he did the whole installation with absolute craftsmanship and love for the work he did .. the best part was his perfectness and every work he did was so perfect and tidy !Finally, came Khan ji - to do the final inspection to add perfectness over the perfectness carried by Moore .. He did inspection and made sure everything was 200% correct ..Overall , I would recommend comfort union over any other service provider …Replaced my furnace , water tank and my humidifier …
JJ YanJJ Yan
02:22 22 May 24
Muhamad and Darryl did an excellent job on installation of our new Bradford White 75 gallon water heater. Extremely professional and hard working. They not only just did the work, but also explained the procedure thoroughly and maintenance focus points. Kept the work place tidy and in order. Highly recommended to everyone. JJ
mr2008 2.0mr2008 2.0
04:08 12 May 24
excellent carrier furnace and air conditioner installation, highly recommend to others
20:52 06 May 24
It was great to see a father and son team work so professionally in the delivery and installation of our new Bradford White water heater. Thanks team for a wonderful job.
Arman GillArman Gill
03:21 30 Apr 24
Friendly staff and did amazing work with carrier hvac
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02:59 30 Apr 24
Amazing work. Good work on AC installation. Competive rates
Fast response due to the urgent occasions. The team is very experienced. Highly recommended!
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23:04 06 Apr 24
Comfort union offers top notch furnace and hot water tank replacement services - contact the best furnace company in Calgary for all your needs. Highly recommended!!
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Great and reliable service.
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Best reasonable and quick in their response.
E TanE Tan
01:45 31 Mar 24
I recently hired Comfort Union to install a new hot water tank in my home, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. They went above and beyond to ensure that the installation process was smooth and hassle-free from start to finish.Daryl's expertise and professionalism were evident from the moment he arrived at my home. He took the time to assess the layout of the space and discuss the best options for the installation, providing valuable insights and recommendations along the way. His attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship were truly commendable.Throughout the installation process, Daryl and Mo worked efficiently and diligently, ensuring that everything was installed correctly and functioning optimally. They were respectful of my home, taking care to clean up any messes and leaving the work area spotless once the job was complete.I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the entire team at Comfort Union for their outstanding service. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, I now have a reliable water heater that meets my needs perfectly. I would highly recommend Comfort Union to anyone in need of plumbing services – their professionalism and quality workmanship truly set them apart.
Ayaan DawoodAyaan Dawood
06:38 10 Mar 24
Imran Ahmed KhanImran Ahmed Khan
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Quick response for appt. Came over and got all work done.Will call them again and will recommend them to others. Thanks!
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We had great experience. They work out an efficient way to solve our furnace issues while maintaining the minimum cost.
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Muhammad is very professional and very cooperative. He has completed the work as explained. Everything was completed on same day we had issue. Very responsive.
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Team at comfort union made me feel very comfortable about my purchases explained everything clearly and concisely so I could be confident in my decisions I would recommend them to anyone who asks.
Bhattarai AnuragBhattarai Anurag
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Good service 👍🏽
Matt MelliesMatt Mellies
21:21 22 Jan 24
I had an issue with my furnace, went to reset my main breaker to power cycle trying to troubleshoot it... Breaker crapped out so I was sitting on an electrical, and furnace problem.Gave these guys a call and they were able to come out within 2 hours. Required a full main breaker replacement, and new gas valve on my furnace. They diagnosed it in only a couple hours, and fixed everything the same day.Had a great experience, the technicians that showed up were professional, and very knowledgeable. I'll definitely be using these guys when I eventually have replace my aging furnace.
Sharif ZayedSharif Zayed
00:15 22 Jan 24
Khan was so kind and considerate to help me during the -45 C calgary weather. We decided to replace our old furnace with newer and advance features choosing Carrier Furnace. We received the quote from Comfort Union which was competitively priced and the job was completed next day. Thanks.
Syed Zaigham RizviSyed Zaigham Rizvi
05:29 18 Jan 24
Had a bit of a crisis with rental property heating system in Calgary, our Goodman furnace gave out and had countless furnace repairs over the years. They got a new Carrier furnace installed quickly and very competitively priced compared to other carrier dealers. Wasn't expecting such quick service in the cold months. Definite recommend!
Mohammed SiddiqiMohammed Siddiqi
00:23 06 Jan 24
Absolutely stellar service from this HVAC company! The team was prompt, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. They swiftly diagnosed and fixed our heating issue with precision. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction truly set them apart. A 5-star experience – our go-to HVAC experts!
Agit KokuAgit Koku
21:40 13 Apr 23
I recently had Comfort Union come to my home to fix an issue with my hot water tank's pilot issue. Not only did the technician promptly fix the issue, but they also took the time to clean out my drain as a courtesy. I was impressed by their attention to detail and their commitment to providing excellent customer service.I would highly recommend Comfort Union for anyone in need of plumbing services.

Who should you call if your furnace blows cold air instead of hot?

When your furnace unexpectedly starts blowing cold air instead of hot, reaching out to a reputable HVAC specialist like Comfort Union is a prudent choice. Renowned for their proficiency in managing heating and cooling systems, Comfort Union provides prompt and expert services to address and resolve your furnace issues like a furnace blowing cold air effectively.

Additionally, several issues could be potentially dangerous to your home and health – like a gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why, a professional must look at your broken furnace only.

Our team, equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and extensive knowledge, ensures your heating system is swiftly returned to optimal functioning and there’s no more cold air blowing in the home. Opting for Comfort Union means securing detailed inspections and comprehensive services from seasoned technicians committed to ensuring your home remains cozy and warm.

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