In this article, we will explore the best furnace company in Calgary and the best furnace and heat system professionals in the industry.

The Best Furnace Company in Calgary

Calgary has many leading furnace companies compared to other Canadian cities, and identifying the best furnace companies involves considering various factors such as team expertise, pricing, range of services offered, after-sale support, warranties, leadership and customer satisfaction. 

When customers choose Comfort Union for their furnace needs in Calgary, they experience exceptional service from the first website visit and phone call to the meeting with our comfort advisor and technicians. Here’s why Comfort Union stands out as a smart and right choice for furnace services:

Team Expertise

Our team comprises licensed gasfitters and professional HVAC technicians with over 20 years of experience working with various furnace systems. Continuous training and certification programs ensure our team is adept and professional at diagnosing, repairing, replacing, and maintaining furnaces efficiently, available 24/7 heating throughout the year.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With 90% of our staff being technicians, we manage costs effectively. We minimize overhead expenses by strategies like stocking parts inventory in advance, using used vehicles for technicians, leveraging the latest software, and optimizing advertising spend. This allows our homeowner to save money on new furnace installation and new equipment.

After-Sales Support

Post-sale, we’re always available to answer questions and provide support. Our commitment includes a written workmanship guarantee. We prioritize your satisfaction with our equipment, ready to go the extra mile or offer a refund if necessary.

Industry-Leading Warranties

We are proud to provide some of the best furnace warranties in Calgary for Carrier® and Trane® products, offering 12 years of 100% coverage on product and labour warranty, and a lifetime unit replacement warranty as long as you own your home.

Company Leadership

In Calgary’s furnace service industry, leaders like Khan stand out with over 25 years of full HVAC system experience. Combining engineering knowledge with hands-on expertise in both residential and industrial heating and air conditioning systems, Khan’s leadership is defined by a strong focus on customer home comfort. This approach underlines the importance of experienced guidance in delivering quality furnace services in the region.

High Customer Satisfaction

With a 98% satisfaction rate on service quality and pricing, we encourage potential customers to seek feedback directly from Trane, Carrier, or Lennox dealers. Our aim at Comfort Union is long-term – to be Canada’s top HVAC company by delivering unmatched service to every customer, one home warm up at a time.

Every interaction with Comfort Union is designed to demonstrate why we’re the preferred choice for furnace services in Calgary.

Bhattarai Anurag
Bhattarai Anurag
February 7, 2024
Good service 👍🏽
Krishna Gurung
Krishna Gurung
February 7, 2024
Great service
David Morris
David Morris
February 5, 2024
Excellent service and wonderful people too, highly recommend Comfort Union for any furnace or water heater repairs or replacements
randhir grewal
randhir grewal
February 5, 2024
Nice behavior and understanding. Great Service.
Rick Beausoleil
Rick Beausoleil
February 3, 2024
Very good and quick on repairs. Thanks for your time guys.
January 29, 2024
Great service and honest people. highly recommend
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Devyn Scott
January 24, 2024
Good honest people
January 24, 2024
Excellent work and very quick and efficient service , super friendly and provides great advice , thanks a lot !
5.0 / 5

“ … decided to invest in a new Carrier Performance furnace. The installation team was efficient, professional, and courteous, meeting all of our expectations. When it came to pricing, we found Comfort Union to be reasonable and competitive, especially when compared to quotes from other companies like Reliance, Action Furnace, and Knight.”

-Erick C. Google Review

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JPS Furnace

JPS Furnace has established a strong presence in the Calgary furnace market, notably as North America’s top Daikin dealer. This track record highlights their expertise in Daikin products and a solid partnership with the brand. The company is known for its skilled team full of knowledgeable comfort advisors who focus on actively listening to their customers, ensuring solutions are tailored to meet each individual’s needs. They offer a comprehensive 14-year warranty on their products, which includes a lifetime unit replacement warranty. However, customers should note that this warranty comes with specific conditions, such as deductible fees and the necessity for annual maintenance to keep the warranty active.

On the other hand, other local furnace service providers in the Calgary area offer a range of brands beyond just Daikin, catering to the varied preferences and needs in the central and southern regions of Alberta. These companies often focus on the availability and accessibility of parts in the event furnace breakdowns and technicians capable of quickly diagnosing and resolving issues across a broader spectrum of furnace systems. We have seen cases of furnace brands such as Comfort Maker & Tempstar where replacement furnace parts take 2-3 business days to arrive in Calgary, which is not feasible in extreme cold winters forcing you to a furnace replacement. Home owners must keep this in mind when selecting a furnace brand. Therefore, the Daikin system might not be the best use case here in Calgary. Calgary’s major market share is divided into Carrier, Trane, Lennox and Goodman. All four brands’ parts are readily available. 

Price is another critical factor in the furnace service industry. For example, high-quality Daikin furnaces and air conditioners can be priced in the range of $7000 to $8000 for an 80,000 BTU model. It’s also common for some companies to employ a commission-based model for their sales teams, which could influence their sales and service approach.

For Calgary residents seeking furnace and air conditioner services, it’s advisable to explore a variety of options and compare the offerings of different providers. Considering factors like product range, warranty conditions, furnace maintenance, pricing, and the nature of customer service can help in making an informed decision that aligns with individual requirements and preferences. This unbiased comparison offers a broader view of the furnace service landscape, allowing customers to choose a provider that best suits their specific needs.

Action Furnace

Action Furnace in Alberta has carved a niche for itself as a significant player, particularly in the installation of Goodman and Amana furnaces and air conditioners. Their service team is known for being highly organized and well-trained in handling these specific brands. The company emphasizes a thorough hiring process, including rigorous background checks and extensive training, ensuring their technicians are well-equipped to manage installations and services proficiently.

One of Action Furnace’s notable marketing strategies is their “$149 tune-up” offering every winter, a promotion that’s quite visible in their local advertising. This initiative not only serves as a maintenance service but often leads to recommendations for parts replacement or upgrades. Technicians provide detailed cost analysis and performance enhancement suggestions during these winter tune-ups, sometimes leading customers to consider investing in a new furnace for improved performance and comfort.

However, customer feedback indicates that the cost of repairs in the event of breakdowns tends to be 20-30% higher with Action Furnace compared to smaller companies like Comfort Union. This price difference is often rationalized by the scale and quality of Action Furnace’s service. But when it comes to installation costs, particularly for Goodman units, customers might find a disparity. Despite Goodman units being approximately 30% cheaper than premium brands like Carrier and Trane, Action Furnace’s installation charges are reportedly on par with these higher-end brands. This pricing strategy might lead customers to feel like they are paying a premium price for a mid-range product.

For customers in Alberta considering furnace installation or maintenance, it’s advisable to do a comprehensive cost comparison with other furnace company offering Goodman & Amana. Seeking quotes not only from Action Furnace but also from other Goodman dealers, as well as premium furnace providers, could offer valuable insights. 


Arpi’s, well-known for its mechanical contracting and comfort solutions, has made significant investments in its facilities, including shops and warehouses. This substantial investment is a testament to their commitment to the industry. They are recognized for their high employee retention rate, suggesting a positive work environment and a team that is among the best in the industry. Their professionalism is further highlighted by their status as a Lennox dealer, indicating a focus on quality and reliability in their product offerings.

However, a comparison with Advanpro, another Lennox dealer in the area, reveals that Arpi’s pricing tends to be about 30% higher. For customers considering a Lennox furnace and air conditioner install through Arpi’s, the price range typically falls between $6,800 and $9,800. While Arpi’s is often the go-to choice for commercial mechanical contracting due to their extensive resources and experienced staff, residential customers, particularly those looking for Lennox products, might find more competitive pricing elsewhere.

For homeowners exploring options for a Lennox furnace, it could be beneficial to use the Lennox dealer locator. This tool can help find nearby dealers, allowing for a broader comparison of services and prices. By doing so, potential customers can ensure they are making an informed decision, possibly finding similar services to those offered by Arpi’s but at a more favorable price point.

Reliance Home Comfort

Reliance Home Comfort, known as Canada’s largest service provider for furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters, has a significant presence in the market. They are particularly recognized for their flexible financing options, including offers like 24 months with no payments and no interest, subject to seasonal availability. Their product range is diverse, featuring brands like Bryant, Payne, Goodman, and their own private label, SmartAir. Reliance operates through a network of subcontractors alongside their employees, indicative of their broad operational scale.

An interesting aspect of Reliance is its ownership by CK Asset Holdings Limited, an investment arm of a billionaire family based in Hong Kong. This global connection came into play in 2017 when CK Asset Holdings acquired Reliance for $2.8 billion, reflecting the company’s substantial market value. 

Reliance has gained particular attention in Canada for its Rental Water Heater model. This model, while often presented as beneficial, especially in terms of avoiding upfront investment, has drawn criticism for targeting seniors and novice homeowners with what some consider high costs and potentially unethical business practices. The analogy of renting a car for 15 years with an inclusion of repair and mechanic costs is used to illustrate the long-term financial inefficiency of such a model. Over a 15-year span, the costs can add up significantly, casting doubt on the value of this approach. This concern is further highlighted by reports and news articles discussing the challenges associated with rental water heaters, including building liens and complications during property sales or mortgage renewals. Another company offering a rental model in Calgary is A1 Chesney Service Experts through their Advantage program

Regarding installation costs, Reliance’s pricing is comparable to companies like Action Furnace. However, the higher pricing does not necessarily translate to added value, especially for brands like Goodman or SmartAir. Given this context, it’s suggested that potential buyers in Calgary might want to consider local companies deeply committed to providing unparalleled service. Choosing a local Alberta-based company not only supports the regional economy but also ensures a quality service, more closely aligned with local needs and values, as opposed to contributing to the profits of a large, international corporation like CK Asset Holdings, which also owns Husky Oil.

Pete the Plumber

Pete the Plumber, a well-recognized local Calgary company, has garnered attention with its humorous TV commercials and the notable big blue hulk on their vans. They are known for installing brands like Trane and have established a solid reputation in the community, reflected in their 4.4/5.0 Google rating. The majority of their reviews are positive, though some negative feedback arises due to operational challenges and occasional customer misunderstandings about trade work and the costs involved.

The company prides itself on transparent upfront pricing and offers a superhero guarantee, which is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. While the quality of their Trane furnace installations is highly regarded, it’s noteworthy that their pricing tends to be about 20% higher compared to smaller Trane dealers like W & J Heating. However, when it comes to furnace repair costs, Pete the Plumber is competitively priced in line with other companies in the area.

Originally specializing in plumbing and heating, Pete the Plumber has expanded into the electrical services under the name Pete the Electrician. For those considering Pete the Plumber for furnace and air conditioner installation, it’s advisable to also get quotes from other Trane dealers and furnace companies in Calgary. Comparing these quotes can provide a clearer picture of the market and help ensure that you are getting the best value for your investment in a new furnace system.

Knight Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

Knight Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, originally a local entity in Calgary, has undergone a significant transformation following its acquisition by Right Time Group of Companies, a group managed by a private equity firm with over $8.9 billion in assets. This acquisition likely stemmed from Knight’s strong financial performance and potential for further growth. However, for individuals seeking furnace solutions, this change in ownership might have implications.

The transition from a local company to being part of a larger conglomerate like Right Time Group, especially one driven by private equity interests, can shift the focus towards maximizing profits. This approach might not always align with offering the most cost-effective deals for furnace installation and repair work. The scenario is somewhat reminiscent of Reliance Home Comfort’s acquisition by a Hong Kong-based billionaire, indicating a trend where investment firms are increasingly interested in the HVAC industry.

Knight offers a range of brands, including Trane and Amana, catering to various customer needs. However, with the backing of a large investment firm, there might be concerns about whether the pricing and service quality will continue to favor the customer’s best interest. In light of this, customers looking for furnace services in Calgary might consider prioritizing local companies or other service providers who offer a more personalized touch, potentially at more competitive prices.

In contrast, larger conglomerates driven by private equity may prioritize financial returns over individual customer needs, potentially impacting the affordability and customization of services. Customers are encouraged to explore various options and compare different furnace providers to find the best match for their specific furnace needs without straining their budgets.

Advanpro Furnace & Duct Cleaning

Advanpro has positioned itself as a favored choice among furnace company, particularly praised for its efficient service, transparent pricing and straightforward policies. This approach of clarity and simplicity in their dealings is a significant factor in their appeal to customers. Additionally, their reputation is bolstered by a strong presence of positive reviews, reflecting a high level of customer satisfaction.

As a Lennox dealer, Advanpro offers competitive pricing on products that strike an ideal balance between brand reputation and quality. Lennox, known for its reliability and performance, makes Advanpro a go-to option for many looking for efficient and durable furnace solutions.

While Advanpro is generally well-regarded, like any company, they face occasional operational challenges and instances of customer misunderstandings, which are common in the Calgary furnace industry. Nevertheless, these issues are relatively minor and don’t significantly detract from their overall positive standing.

One aspect where Advanpro’s pricing may be less competitive is in their water heater installation, particularly for Bradford White models. Their prices for these are noted to be about $100 higher than some of the smaller water heater companies. This difference is worth considering for customers specifically in the market for water heaters.

For those considering a Lennox furnace, it’s beneficial to obtain quotes from multiple providers, including Advanpro, Arpi’s, and other smaller companies. Doing so offers a comprehensive view of the service and pricing landscape, helping customers make an informed decision that balances cost, quality, and service excellence.

Conclusion on the "Best Furnace Company Calgary"

In conclusion, selecting the right company for your heating and air conditioning needs is crucial to ensure your home remains comfortable and your systems run efficiently. With our comprehensive guide to the best furnace company in Calgary, Alberta,  you can confidently make an informed decision. 

We understand how crucial it is for you to have a reliable furnace repair and air conditioning company that truly cares about your indoor air quality and heating systems. Our highly trained HVAC technicians in Calgary AB are here to ensure your flash furnace or high-efficiency furnace is running smoothly, saving you from costly repairs and keeping your home’s comfort a top priority.

Our professional team takes pride in doing an excellent job, making us top rated residential furnace and HVAC company for our excellent services and competitive rates (and low rates) without compromising quality. Whether it’s emergency furnace repair services, furnace installations, general furnace repairs and maintenance, or cooling services, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best furnace and heating and air conditioning solutions.

With our stellar reputation and countless satisfied customers who highly recommend us, you can trust us to keep your home cozy and comfortable all year round. Contact us at (403) 399 7903 now and we’ll help you with everything about furnace. | Find more helpful blogs.

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