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Is AO Smith a good choice for Calgary residents?

AO Smith Calgary

If you’re looking for reliable water heating solutions in Calgary, AO Smith Water Heaters is one of the most reliable and well-functioning options out there. While the brand is also present in international markets, its presence in Canada remains on top because of the major heating requirements of the country.

In this article, we’re talking all about AO Smith as a brand, their water heater solutions for both residential and commercial spaces, and how to get these heaters installed professionally and proficiently.

AO Smith Water Heaters & their legacy

Since its establishment in 1874 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, AO Smith has grown into a major player in the global water heating sector. Innovative technology and a commitment to energy conservation have made the company famous.

Recognized for its diverse workforce and groundbreaking accomplishments, the firm boasts over 12,000 employees distributed across strategic locations in North America, Asia, and Europe. A commercial water heater with a glass liner was introduced in the middle of the twentieth century and quickly became the industry standard because it makes sure that each shower stays warm and lasts long.

What they're best known for

One of their most popular inventions is a glass-coating method known as Blue Diamond™ which was introduced by the brand in the early 2000s, significantly enhancing corrosion resistance for a water heating unit.

The strategic partnership between AO Smith and Takagi in 2010 demonstrated their flexibility and commitment to growing their high-efficiency product portfolio. Among these products were their revolutionary tankless water heaters.

The X3® Scale Prevention Technology was introduced by AO Smith in 2022 as part of their continuous dedication to innovation. Not only does this revolutionary development reduce maintenance frequency, but it also introduces a first in the industry, a 15 year warranty against scale-related risks.

AO Smith & their vision

Maintaining its position as a frontrunner in the water technology sector, AO Smith is committed to furthering its reputation for superior products, groundbreaking ideas, and unmatched service to customers. Its biggest water heater production facility in the world is located in Ashland City, Tennessee, which is also the location of its headquarters. Additional manufacturing sites for the corporation can be found in the Netherlands, China, and North America.

The Spectrum of AO Smith Water Heater Models

AO Smith’s array of water heating systems encompasses a wide variety of options tailored to meet both residential and commercial requirements. This selection is not merely about providing choices; it integrates the latest in technological advancements and energy efficiency, ensuring AO Smith’s position as a leader in the water heating market and low costs for customers in Calgary.

Residential Offerings: From Tankless water heaters to Hot Water tank

For household settings, AO Smith introduces a comprehensive range of water heaters with a good LEED rating. This includes cutting-edge gas tankless models, electric tank and tankless varieties, non condensing parts, hybrid heat pumps, combi boilers, and solar-powered units.

Each category is thoughtfully engineered to suit specific homeowner needs, whether it’s the energy-efficient, low weight, and eco-friendly Adapt™ Premium Condensing Ultra-Low NOx Gas Tankless Water Heater featuring X3® Scale Prevention Technology or the reliable and traditional gas tank models. Notably, the ENERGY STAR® Certified models offer significant energy savings, contributing to both environmental sustainability and lower utility bills, and provide a limited warranty to the customers.

  • The Adapt™ series, with its Ultra-Low NOx emission feature, stands as a testament to environmental consciousness, while its ability to switch from natural gas to liquid propane offers unmatched flexibility in fuel usage.

  • Select models come equipped with an integrated recirculation pump, ensuring immediate access to hot water throughout the residence. AO Smith also prioritizes ease of installation, repair, and ongoing maintenance, providing multiple venting solutions to accommodate different home layouts and an online XPERT™ Water Heater Selector tool to aid consumers in selecting the ideal water heater for their needs.

Commercial Offerings

In the commercial realm, AO Smith tailors its water heaters to the specialized needs of businesses and large-scale operations. This includes a robust selection of gas and electric tanks, tankless models, hybrid electric heat pumps, solar solutions, and oil-fired water heaters, each designed for a reliable, large-volume hot water supply.

The commercial series is optimized for top-tier performance, energy efficiency, and adaptability to a variety of commercial environments, from small eateries to expansive industrial sites.

The Cyclone Series

Particularly, the Cyclone® series is acclaimed for its efficiency and the capability to link multiple units, catering to extensive indoor hot water needs in high-demand scenarios. Whether it’s ensuring a continuous hot water supply in upscale lodging or addressing the extensive water heating requirements of sprawling manufacturing premises, AO Smith’s commercial water heaters promise unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Best for Effiency

Installation and Maintenance of AO Smith Calgary Water Heaters

To get the most out of your experience with AO Smith Calgary water heaters, Comfort Union can prove to be a reliable partner. We’re a reliable and trusted provider of HVAC services, encompassing a broad spectrum of water heater installations, including the advanced and efficient offerings from AO Smith.

Why choose us?

With a seasoned team of certified technicians, Comfort Union specializes in tailoring water heating solutions such as ensuring proper flow rate, boiler installation and replacement, and more to fit the distinct needs of Calgary’s diverse residential and commercial landscapes. Leveraging AO Smith’s state-of-the-art water heaters, ranging from the latest tankless models to durable traditional hot water tanks, Comfort Union ensures every installation is executed with precision.

Contact us to schedule a maintenance or replacement or to install an AO Smith water heater in your home!

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