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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Calgary

Protect Your AC From Unexpected Repairs & More

You wouldn’t drive your vehicle year after year without making sure the battery is charged, fluids are sufficient and the wiring (and everything else) is safe, would you? Well, your AC system needs the same kind of tender, loving care (TLC). Without routine maintenance, your system will break down more frequently, use more energy and retire earlier than expected.

During our routine maintenance checkups, Comfort Union’s skilled technicians are trained to look for the things that have gone wrong. But they’re also trained to look for the things that could go wrong. This allows us to troubleshoot and prevent problems from happening in the future.

A thorough air conditioner tune-up in your Calgary home will allow your AC system to operate at its best. We’ll check fluids, fine-tune parts and make you aware of any issues that need attention. Routine air conditioner tune-ups are the ideal time for us to spot minor problems before they spiral out of control into major (and more expensive) issues. This will save you money and bring you peace of mind.

We’ll Put Our Engineering Skills to Work for You!

We’re masters at our craft. Plus, we stand out because several members of our leadership team have engineering backgrounds. This brings to our team great mechanical and critical thinking skills. We love using these skills to make your experience with our team even richer!

We know homeowners like you are juggling what seems like an unending number of responsibilities. As a result, scheduling your AC maintenance could fall through the cracks. The smartest way to prevent that from happening is to join our Comfortable Future® Club. Our plan has four different options, all of which are affordable and include special membership benefits. Sign up today and experience the difference!

Schedule Our GRRRR-eat AC Maintenance Today!

We can’t wait to get our paws on your AC system. We’ll check it out thoroughly so your cave stays cool and comfy at an affordable cost. Call us at 403.399.7903 or use our convenient contact form to reach us.

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